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Sohrab Unity Fold Wheel Chair

Net Weight:


Arm Rest:

Castor wheel Fork:

Castor wheel:


Rear Wheels:

Seat Back:

20 Kg.

Single Brazed Frame, Made of Cold Rolled Steel Tubing Grade 2 with Telescoping Tube Guide on the Front and Rear Guide of Nylon. CP Finished.

Detachable Arms, Wide Sitting Space allowing side transfer to bed etc.

High quality Steel Strips, Grade 2 C.P. Finished.

8 Dia Black Moulded PP with Precision Bearing (608-2Z), Axle High Tensile, Bolt MB with Lock Nut.

High Quality Steel Tubing with sealed Bearing (6001-2Z).

24 Rear Wheels with Solid Rubber Tires. Also Available with Pneumatic Tires.

Canvas Cloth with Nylon reinforcement.

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