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Sohrab Cycles.

BMX Sohrab steel bicycle is the best model of 1990, which has taken the country by storm. In 1991, BMX 16 of pony brand was marketed and it got no 1 position in its class.

Initially, only a few spare parts of bicycles were manufactured locally and about 90% spare parts were import from abroad. With the passage of time, the situation started improving and today almost 98% bicycles spare parts are being manufactured in house or through vendors. The credit goes to the society that is providing spares regularly. To all the bicycle-manufacturing units in the country to produce finished their goods.

The success of the society can be viewed by the facts and figures enumerated below,

1- The number of its members has increased from 22 to 228.
2- The fixed capital, which was initially of Rs- 22,000/- has grown up now to the tune of Rs- 67,670,000/-.
3- Area of the Factory has increased from 3 1/2 Kanal to 25 Acers.
4- In the beginning, there were a few workers in the factory, while the factory has 2,300 workers now.
5- The production of factory has increased from 5 bicycles per day to 2,000 (approx) bicycles per day.

Sohrab Motorcycle.

Sohrab Motorcycle Project was started in 1994 keeping in mind our 42 years experience we have introduced Sohrab Motorcycle JS-70. Sohrab is 1st. Pakistani Motorcycle with ISO 9000 Quality Certificate. The sale of Sohrab Motorcycle is increasing day by day due to its high quality, low petrol consumption and unique design. We are manufacturing a high quality Motorcycle in low cost for our valuable customers. Sohrab has done a lot stabilization of prices in Motorcycle Industry in presence of Multinational Companies. Thousandís people are engaged with Sohrab Motorcycle project and earning a lot of money for their livelihood. Its quality standard is appreciated abroad and it is exported to K.S.A.

Our Products in Motorcycle field are as under,

1. Sohrab JS 70.
2. Sohrab SD 70.
3. Sohrab S 100.
4. Sohrab SS 100.

Motorcycle Rickshaw.

We are also manufacturing three wheeler Motorcycle Rickshaws with four stroke engine, which are environment friendly and pollution free. We have two Models in this range, which are as under,

1. Sohrab Motorcycele Rickshaw Sindh Model.
2. Sohrab Motorcycele Rickshaw Punjab Model.

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