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UNITY (Low Cost Wheelchairs):

These modals designed in collaboration with technical assistance from UNO experts are the most recent addition. Unity wheelchair is available in Fixed and Fold modals. Several consignments for Madagascar and another for a buyer in Middle East have been shipped. UNO/ITC Geneva, Switzerland selected PCICS Ltd. in Asia to launch a pioneering project for the production and export of UNITY.

The “UNITY” wheelchair have been exported to Madagascar, Africa procured by the "Rotary club Furney- Voltaire, France" to help the disabled. A couple of consignments were also headed to a buyer in Middle East. The bicycles have been exported to UK, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Dubai. Its quality has been considered to be excellent and repeated orders are being received in Bulk quantity besides a large no of bicycles, Tricycles & exercisers have also been exported to American & European markets. Export of bicycles, wheelchairs & exercisers for African & Afghan markets is a result of participation in the exhibition held in Nairobi (Kenya) & Kabul (Afghanistan).

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