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Sohrab Chain Driven Tricycle for Disabled

Net Weight:


Hand Drive:

Chain Drive:



Rear Wheel:


Front Fork:

Front Wheel:


Brake Front:



49 Kg.

Made of good rolled steel grade 2. Reinforced with pipe and sheets. CO2 Welded with fixed footrest, armrest and arrangement for chain drive fitting.

Special B.B. Shell, holding Arrangement made with good quality steel special draw bolt fitted with standard nut. (Both sides).

Chain Wheel 36 teeth with 7 Crank.(Cotter Type) with special handle grip steel ball.

18 teeth Pitch. One for left and one for right.

Pitch 1/8*162 Links (2Nos).

24*1-3/8 Sohrab standard 40 holes with good quality pneumatic tires.

Rear P/type 40 holes. C.P. Finished with 3/8 spindle.

Swaged taper blades oval, integral fork ends.

20*1-3/8 with pneumatic tire and tube.

Special handle made form good quality steel grade 2.

Quick Applying Arrangement by pressing downward.

Seat size 458*458*75mm thick with 4 coil spring wooden frame.

Size 483*457*30mm thick with good quality Rexene cover.

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