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At the birth of Pakistan there was not a single factory in the country, which manufactured bicycles and their spares. Taking advantage of the situation, some major importers brought in bicycle from abroad and such imports were passed on for sale to retailers most of whom were located in Lahore’s major market in Nila Gumbad area.

In 1952 shortage of foreign exchange started creating difficulties for the importers. Giving careful though to the problem, the shop owners of Nila Gumbad chalked out a plan to establish a bicycle-manufacturing factory within the country on co-operative basis. As such 22 persons got together and laid the foundation of a co-operative society. Its first meeting was held on 17th July 1953, later, on 8th September 1953, the society was registered under section 9 of Co-operative societies Act II of 1912.

As stated above the society was registered to provide mutual help and benefits to its founding members. According to the rules of the society, its controlling powers lay with its general body. By the grace of God since its inception to this day, elections of the society are held punctually. The society has been functioning successfully all along is because of the fact that its members take deep interest in its working. Elections of its working committee and Board of Directors are held new after every three years. Since the Directors also happen to be the owners, they take decisions for the betterment of the society with full sense of responsibility.

Initially, only a few spare parts of bicycles were manufactured locally and about 90% spare parts were import from abroad. With the passage of time, the situation started improving and today almost 98% bicycles spare parts are being manufactured in house or through vendors. The credit goes to the society that is providing spares regularly. To all the bicycle-manufacturing units in the country to produce finished their goods. The success of the society can be viewed by the facts and figures enumerated below.

      1- The number of its members has increased from 22 to 228.
      2- The fixed capital, which was initially of Rs- 22,000/- has grown up now to the tune of Rs- 67,670,000/-.
      3- Area of the Factory has increased from 3 1/2 Kanal to 25 Acers.
      4- In the beginning, there were a few workers in the factory, while the factory has 2,300 workers now.
      5- The production of factory has increased from 5 bicycles per day to 2,000 (approx) bicycles per day.

It is a matter of pride that the society is the only one in the country, which is manufacturing bicycles (Both for men and Ladies), Heavy Duty Cyclovans, Wheel chairs, Push chairs (Both fold & fixed models), Exercise cycles, Push chairs, & Tricycles. The last two mentioned above have specially been produced for disabled and are sold on no profit basis, as well as exported heavy duty Cyclovans, to Yamen.

The society is playing a vital role as a Leader of cycle manufacturing industry. It is making progress due to its precision, planning and dedication of its workers, supervisors, administrators, and engineers. Who are always ready to work hard and face any problem with courage.

The society has entered in a new era with the production of fancy bicycles, different types of sports model bicycles like VIP, student and panda have been introduced in the market and are being sold successfully.

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